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Zeroing in on the Entourage Effect

This finding casts doubt on proposed theories for a terpene-cannabinoid entourage effect.

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Mastering HPLC for Cannabis and Hemp Analysis: A Q&A With Dr Lee Polite

Analytical Cannabis was delighted to recently host a webinar with Dr Lee Polite, president of Chicago's Axion Analytical Labs. Here we have summarized the answers he provided in response to live audience questions.

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Dispensary Sales Surge Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

For many, preparation for social isolation has involved one last trip to their local cannabis dispensary.

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CBD-coronavirus Misinformation Is Already Here

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, CBD misinformation has followed.

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How Can PCR Kits Help Detect Microbes on Cannabis Samples?

Analytical Cannabis spoke to specialists at Bio-Rad to learn how the company's PCR kits utilize microbial enrichment times to ensure accurate results.

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Lighting the Way Through Cultivation: A Q&A With David Hawley

Coming out of the dark days of prohibition, cannabis cultivation is in need of some enlightenment.

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The French Dispatch: A European Perspective on Hemp Regulation

A European pioneer in cannabis cultivation, France alone grows around 40 percent of the continent’s hemp. Yet the country’s strict regulations prohibit many of its products.

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AOAC Opens Call for Cannabis Edible Testing Methods

If approved, the technique could become an official AOAC reference method for cannabinoid quantification.

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California Has Raised $1 Billion in Cannabis Tax

In the two years since legalizing recreational use, $1.03 billion has been raised from the state’s cannabis excise, cultivation, and business taxes.

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