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Tips and Advice for Creating Quality Cannabis Extracts

AC Braddock, CEO of Eden Labs join us to discuss the role of cannabis extraction science and how extraction scientists are creating great cannabis products.

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Cannabis Genome Mapping Beats Human Genome Project Benchmark

A team at Medicinal Genomics have successfully sequenced the cannabis genome at 640kb N50, representing a 28% improvement on the Human Genome Project standard.

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Washington State Prepares for Cannabis Testing and Packaging Law Reform

A list of the proposed rule changes is expected to be published on or after October 31 2018 and will address issues like THC serving limits, packaging requirements, and contaminant testing.

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Israeli Firm Commercializes Cannabis Testing “Lab-on-a-desk”

The analyzer is a hybrid testing machine which combines the use of near-infrared spectroscopy technology with visual image analysis and machine learning to accurately characterize the potency of a cannabis sample.

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First Ever Cannabis Product Recalls Announced in California

The first voluntary product recall in California was initiated by the vape cartridge manufacturer, The Bloom Brand, on July 25 and the second by Lowell Herb Co. concerning a batch of their pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes.

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Experts Claim Proposed Californian Cannabis Regulations Could Put Medical Cannabis Users at Risk of Infection

Californian cannabis users could be put at serious risk from fungal and bacterial contaminants as new regulations lack effective safety screenings, despite the state’s Quality Control Committee specifically advocating for such tests.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve in the Californian Cannabis Testing Industry

As tighter regulations mandate more rigorous testing, cannabis labs in California must plan and adapt to keep up with the huge influx of samples.

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Combining CBD with Chemotherapy Posts Promising Results in Pancreatic Cancer Model

Mice who received a combination of CBD and chemotherapy survived nearly three times as long as the mice given the placebo, and around twice as long as the mice given CBD or chemotherapy alone.

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Variable Accumulation of Bioactive Metabolites Revealed in Medicinal Cannabis

Across four distinct strains it was observed that the flower samples taken from the upper third of the plant had a higher THC content than those at the base of the plant, and in two of the strains tested the difference was equivalent to the upper flowers being around twice as potent as the lower flowers.

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