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Saliva Screening as an Effective Method for Cannabis Use Detection

By analyzing the THC content of a saliva sample, researchers have found that it is possible to accurately determine if someone has used cannabis via smoking, vaporization or ingestion of edibles, within the past 24 hours.

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Colorado’s Cannabis Growers Will Shoulder the Cost of New Regulations

New legislation brought in by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, in effect from August 1st, requires mandatory pesticide testing on all strains of cannabis flower and trim that is sold in the state adding increased testing costs for producers.

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The Evolution of Cannabis Testing

Dr. Jeffrey Raber is proud to be speaking at The Science of Cannabis 2018 about the past, present and future challenges encountered by the cannabis testing industry.

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Beer Makers Look to Cash in on Legal Cannabis Market

The brewer behind Corona and Modelo beer has just made a $4 billion investment in Canopy Growth representing the largest investment in the cannabis industry to date.

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A Look Inside the Massachusetts Cannabis Testing Controversy

Two cannabis testing facilities have now been issued provisional licenses in the state but the debate over their differing approaches to microbiological contamination testing continues.

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1 in 5 Cannabis Samples Are Failing California’s New Regulations

It is reported that these failures are due to both the mislabeling of products and contamination from pesticides, bacteria, and processing chemicals.

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UN Set to Review its Classification of Cannabis

Following the advice of the World Health Organization’s expert committee, the United Nations will launch its first ever in-depth review into the international drug classification of cannabis.

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New Cannabis Regulations to Become UK Law within 2 Years

This development comes at a disruptive time for UK cannabis regulations, as the drug has only recently been moved to a schedule 2 classification under the 2001 Misuse of Drugs Regulations act, allowing clinicians to prescribe it by the fall.

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Congress Bill Submitted to End Cannabis Testing for Federal Employees

A member of the United States House of Representatives has submitted a bill to Congress which, if passed, would allow legal cannabis users to become federal employees.

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