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Curbing the Cannabis Genetics Bottleneck in Canada

A new system is being introduced to allow black and gray market cannabis producers to introduce and protect their unique cannabis strains in the Canadian cannabis market.

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How CBD Reduces Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Has Now Been Revealed

The authors behind the work believe that CBD may constitute an excellent candidate for the treatment of MS and other autoimmune diseases as a novel, non-psychoactive therapeutic.

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4 Way to Improve The Medicinal Cannabis Program in Illinois: A Case Study

This article highlights the areas where Illinois could make improvements in order to establish a more efficient and effective medicinal cannabis treatment program.

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Ontario Announces Delays to Retail Cannabis Sales

The delay is to provide time to create a framework that will regulate independently-run retail outlets as opposed to having the previously agreed state-run retail setup.

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Cannabis Concentrate Use Linked to Cannabis Use Disorder

Self-reporting study fuels debate over the potential risks to mental health of long term, high THC concentrate use.

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Cannabis Oil Shows Promise as Treatment for Untreatable Childhood Epilepsy

A clinical trial involving 20 Canadian children with severe intractable epilepsy has posted resulting indicating cannabis oil could reduce seizures by over 70%.

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Saliva Screening as an Effective Method for Cannabis Use Detection

By analyzing the THC content of a saliva sample, researchers have found that it is possible to accurately determine if someone has used cannabis via smoking, vaporization or ingestion of edibles, within the past 24 hours.

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Colorado’s Cannabis Growers Will Shoulder the Cost of New Regulations

New legislation brought in by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, in effect from August 1st, requires mandatory pesticide testing on all strains of cannabis flower and trim that is sold in the state adding increased testing costs for producers.

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The Evolution of Cannabis Testing

Dr. Jeffrey Raber is proud to be speaking at The Science of Cannabis 2018 about the past, present and future challenges encountered by the cannabis testing industry.

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