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Scientists in U.S. Given Approval to Import Cannabis Material From Canadian Site

In an unprecedented move, U.S. officials have given allowances for cannabis research products to cross the border from Canada to the U.S. Could this herald a change in cannabis regulation for medicinal research?

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Cannabis Increases Cortical Activity in Users, Resulting in ‘Noisy Brain’

Research has found cannabis users have a higher resting cortical activity compared to non-users, possibly impairing cognitive processes and the ability to make decisions.

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Pressurized N-Propane Shows Promise as Extraction Method for Hemp Seed Oil

N-propane could be on track to provide a cheaper and easier-to-use alternative to carbon dioxide as a solvent for the process of extracting hemp oil from seeds.

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Cannabis Holds Potential As Novel Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

With opioid use disorder (OUD) claiming more lives every year in the U.S., research into the possibility of using cannabis as a therapeutic tool to tackle opioid addiction becomes ever more critical.

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U.S. House Judiciary Committee Passes Act on Growing Medicinal Cannabis for Research

Bill could provide a major boost for cannabis research as more cultivators are set to receive licensing approval.

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South Africa’s Highest Court Legalizes Cannabis for Private Use

In a controversial move, South Africa becomes the third African country to legalize cannabis cultivation and use in the home.

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$122 Million Deal Struck to Create Lab-grown Cannabis

Ginko Bioworks and Cronos partner to facilitate the future production of lab-grown cannabis.

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What Can We Learn from Terpene Profiles: In Discussion with Dr Keith Allen

Terpenes are the relatively unresearched molecules present in cannabis products. Unlocking their potential could provide a whole new array of cannabis uses and benefits.

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Cannabis Patch Gives Hope to Chronic Pain Sufferers

Novel drug delivery system could offer a new treatment for those suffering from long-term, acute pain.

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