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Cannabis is Legal in Canada: So What Now?

The legalization of cannabis in Canada will not be without its complications and there is a lot to consider going forward. Here we look at some of the trickier aspects of a blanket legalization, such as workplace stipulations and roadside testing.

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How to Use CBD Oil Products

Smoking cannabis is an effective way of ingesting CBD. However, these days the general public are swaying toward the use of CBD oils. Here we look at the most effective ways of introducing CBD oils into your system for medicinal relief.

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Cannabis and Terpenes: What Do We Really Know?

With the historical focus being on analysis of CBD and HTC in cannabis, we now find lesser-studied terpenes being recognized as having a potentially highly significant role in the medicinal properties of cannabis. Here we explore these compounds in more detail.

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Prescription of Medicinal Cannabis Legalized in Britain From November 1st

Following some high-profile cases where children required the use of medicinal cannabis for drug-resistant conditions, Britain has conducted a full-scale review of cannabis classification. Here we look at the significance of this decision and the potential future implications.

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UK Royal College of Psychiatrists Set to Review its Cannabis Policy

In wake of the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada and medicinal cannabis legalization in the UK, the renowned psychiatric research institution leads the way by addressing its own stance on cannabis use.

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Trump to Back Federal Cannabis Reform, Says Congressman

Dana Rohrabacher publicly confirms his belief that President Trump will allow the legalization of medicinal cannabis use, leaving decisions on recreational use to the discretion of individual states.

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Legalizing Cannabis in U.S. Could Generate $100 Billion in Tax Revenue

Relaxing the laws on cannabis for medicinal and recreational users would create substantial revenue boost and could see the generation of up to 1 million jobs by 2025.

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Coca-Cola Explores The Possibility of Cannabis-Infused “Wellness Drinks”

With speculation mounting over the possibility that Coca-Cola will release a CBD-infused beverage, we take a look at this growing trend for drinks fortified with cannabinoids.

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Developments in Cannabis Cancer Research

We talk to Dr. Eyal Beadle about the exciting positive results found by his company during recent experiments exploring cannabis as an anti-cancer agent.

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