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Washington State Enforces Ban on Candy-like Cannabis Edibles

After a few cases of edibles considered as 'appealing to children' slipped through the net, the state has forced a review of what is appropriate, causing frustration and alarm amongst local companies.

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More Research Needed to Establish Potential Toxicity of Key Cannabinoids

A team of Austrian and Italian researchers recently published evidence highlighting the need for rigorous toxicological studies on key cannabinoids like CBD and CBDV. The team were keen to point out that the existing literature supports the fact that CBD and CBDV are well tolerated in humans.

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Novel Cannabis Assay Detects Microorganisms in Rapid Time

A novel DNA-based microarray assay can identify potentially life-threatening microorganisms in less than 6 hours – a faster turnaround time than traditional plate-based enumeration methods.

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The Future of Cannabis Testing

As regulations and consumer expectations are being established now is the time to consider the future of cannabis testing.

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qPCR: A Powerful Tool for the Microbiological Testing of Cannabis

Microbiological testing of cannabis is essential. With a lack of standardization in processes, the competition between qPCR and traditional cell culture techniques has heightened. Here we look at qPCR and why this method is so popular.

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Massachusetts Regulators Crack Down on Pesticide Use in Cannabis Production

Cease-and-desist letter issued to Good Chemistry brand. The company contests the validity of this order due to their intended pesticide use being signed off on in their initial application.

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CBC: A Look at the Potential Therapeutic Value of this Major Cannabinoid

With THC and CBD taking the limelight in recent years, we take a look at CBC - a lesser studied but highly important cannabinoid.

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THC and CBD Analysis Insufficient for Characterizing Cannabis Strains

With over 2500 strains of cannabis documented, the classification and categorization of cannabis can be confusing and complicated. This article relays the latest information in cannabis strain analysis.

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Researchers Identify the Root Pathogens Affecting Hydroponically Grown Cannabis Plants

Hydroponically grown cannabis relies on a re-circulated solution that provides nutrients for growth. Infections within the system can be devastating; we discuss why monitoring and sterilization are key.

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