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How to Make High Quality CBD Distillate

From potent THC vapor pens to CBD tinctures, the distillation process is a key step in creating some of the most desired products in the industry. But how is it done?

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Could Covid-19 Boost the Illicit Cannabis Market?

As millions of North Americans take an economic hit from the pandemic, could the cheaper illicit cannabis market be tempting away some consumers?

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Marijuana Withdrawal: What are the Symptoms?

Just as users of other substances can suffer withdrawal symptoms after ceasing to use the drug in question, so too can cannabis users.

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Getting a Successful Start in Hemp Extraction

As the hemp industry takes strong roots in the US, Analytical Cannabis takes a look at the most important considerations for a successful start in hemp extraction.

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Cataloguing Cannabis Chemistry’s Hidden Figures: A Q&A With Jerry King

Speaking to Analytical Cannabis, Dr Jerry King detailed his new research project to catalogue and determine the crucial cannabis chemical data the industry has been missing.

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From Blunts to Bottles, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Marijuana Drinks?

While beverage businesses try to market marijuana as the new New Coke, there’s still one problem to address: that cannabis drink might have lost its cannabinoid kick.

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Cannabis Waste Management: What Do Companies Need to Know?

Crop trimmings, discarded extraction chemicals, trashed testing samples, these are the pieces of debris the cannabis industry leaves behind. And if not properly disposed of, their chemical residues could pose serious environmental risks to nearby surroundings. So what can be done?

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Decontaminating Medical Cannabis in Israel: How to Remove Fungal Pathogens

In this study, researchers from Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization measured how three different sterilization methods reduced fungal colonies in naturally infected commercial medical cannabis plants.

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Could Cannabis Labs Help With Covid-19 Testing Backlogs?

They have the equipment and the staff, so could cannabis labs become a new resource for the fight against Covid-19?

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