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New Zealand Passes Medicinal Cannabis Bill

The bill formalizes a commitment to opening a regulated medicinal cannabis scheme in the country within a year and gives those in palliative care a legal defense for using cannabis medicinally in the meantime.

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First Company to Gain ISO/IEC 17043 Accreditation For Cannabis Proficiency Testing Announced

Phenova, Inc. becomes the first laboratory to be awarded the accreditation for cannabis proficiency testing, filling a "significant need" within the industry.

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Sacramento Cannabis Testing Lab Surrenders License After Director Fakes Results

Sequoia's test reports showed abnormal formatting, which raised questions. Thankfully, the potential risk to the public is believed to be minimal.

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The 2018 Farm Bill: What This Means for Hemp

Hemp represents a tangible opportunity for future explosive market growth. Under the Farm Bill hemp cultivation will be allowed more broadly, and the product will have free movement across state borders.

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We Have Only Seen the Tip of the Cannabis Iceberg

We talk to Cindy Orser, PhD., about the unknown potentials and untapped molecules present within cannabis, and what this means for future exploration of the medicinal plant.

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Vaporized Cannabis Produces Stronger High Than Smoking for Infrequent Users

Vaping is growing in popularity, with data showing a 400% increase is vapers between 2015 and 2016. Evidence suggests users experience a greater high when vaping, compared to the more traditional method of smoking. Here's all the information you need to know.

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Edibles Processor Confident Inconsistent Testing Results Can Be Resolved Through Collaboration with Cannabis Labs

We recently spoke to Kim Rael, CEO of Azuca, a producer of innovative, fast-acting cannabis edibles, to discuss the role of the processor-testing lab relationship and the challenges faced with inconsistent testing results.

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The Viruses That Gave Cannabis its High

The new cannabis genome map has revealed that the plant's CBD and THC genes were probably introduced by a virus which infected and colonized the plant's genome - millions of years ago.

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Prevalence of Fungal Infections in Indoor-Grown Cannabis Evaluated for the First Time

Apart from the obvious adverse effects these fungal infections have on plant crops, some can cause adverse health effects in humans.

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