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Heavy Metal Testing to Improve Cannabis Safety & Quality

As cannabis becomes more prominent in North America, government oversight on heavy metal contamination is becoming more prevalent, too. So what can be done on the analytical front?

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Sick As a Dog: The Pets That Polish Off Littered Cannabis

California’s parks are becoming littered with cannabis leftovers, and the state’s dogs are taking a hit from the clean-up.

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The Importance of Quality Control in the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry expands, so must its analytical capabilities. And gas chromatography technology has never been more accessible to smaller labs and companies.

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The App That Tells You When You’re Too High to Drive

Impairment can last for hours after THC has left the body, meaning that a simple blood test may not accurately portray if a person is fit to drive. The Otorize app uses digitalized, scientifically sound, cognitive tests to judge a person's ability to drive or operate heavy equipment.

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New Method Offers High-Throughput, Cost-Effective Chemotyping of Cannabis

Shortened sample run-time and minimal sample prep, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of UV microplate analysis, make this technique very appealing as a new chemotyping method for hemp and cannabis analysis.

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Top Cannabis Stories of 2018

What a year 2018 turned out to be for the cannabis industry. A stark increase in recreational legalizations, the incredible growth in both industry and research ventures, and the first FDA-approved cannabis-derived drug was announced. Plus much more!

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Detecting Pesticides with CannaSafe Analytics

Pesticide use can be a big problem for the cannabis industry and rigorous testing is helping to ensure clean and safe products reach patients and the recreational market. We discuss the current challenges faced and the future of pesticide testing.

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Cannabis Trends to Expect in 2019

With the recent exciting advances in cannabis research, and its improved reputation in both the medicinal world and for recreational use, what should we expect the next 12 months to bring? Will this be the year of the edibles, should we focus on genetics, or will terpenes steal the show?

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Oregon Lawmakers to Consider Interstate Cannabis Export

Whilst Oregon has a lucrative export business in beers and wines, but the state is yet to allow the export of cannabis and its derivative products. however, a new bill being considered could allow trade with neighboring states.

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