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South Carolina Advances Bill Supporting Medical Marijuana Research

South Carolina is still against the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis within the state, but this has not stopped them from supporting scientific research into the therapeutic uses of the plant.

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Can Cannabis Treat Autism?

Parents of children with autism are treating the disorder's symptoms with marijuana, but is it working?

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Conservative States Have Higher Rates of Cannabis Abuse

Young people in conservative states may use cannabis very differently to their peers in liberal regions - even if they all have legal access.

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What Does The Farm Bill Mean For Hemp and CBD Products?

The US government recently legalized the farming and use of hemp products with very low THC levels. Here we look at the implications and regulations surrounding this decision.

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Washington State Cannabis Regulators Consider Mandatory Pesticide Testing

Regulators are looking at instilling pesticide testing and tighter regulations following cannabis recall in California. Washington's lack of a cannabis testing program is now facing scrutiny and a call to get up-to-date on testing issues.

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Analyzing Hemp in under 8 Minutes

Time is money. So we spoke to Shimadzu Scientific Instruments's Bob Clifford to find out how to make a saving analyzing hemp.

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Heavy Metal Testing to Improve Cannabis Safety & Quality

As cannabis becomes more prominent in North America, government oversight on heavy metal contamination is becoming more prevalent, too. So what can be done on the analytical front?

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Sick As a Dog: The Pets That Polish Off Littered Cannabis

California’s parks are becoming littered with cannabis leftovers, and the state’s dogs are taking a hit from the clean-up.

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The Importance of Quality Control in the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry expands, so must its analytical capabilities. And gas chromatography technology has never been more accessible to smaller labs and companies.

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