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Support in Guam for Relaxing Cannabis Restrictions

The US island territory edges closer to a more open medical cannabis program and allowing foreign organizations to set up testing labs.

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AOAC International Launches New Cannabis Analytical Science Program

The internationally recognized lab standards association updates its cannabis guidelines.

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Cannabis and the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Even when legal in over 30 states, cannabis still has a social stigma, so is it right to let your co-worker know about your habit? And could it get you in trouble?

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Missed Deadline Means Hawai’i Fails to Legalize Cannabis, Again

Despite being known for its progressive attitudes, the US archipelago has said no to legal marijuana once again.

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Could the United States Be About to Legalize Cannabis?

As the presidential 2020 race begins, many Democrat hopefuls are pushing for marijuana reform.

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Recreational Cannabis Countries Should Revert to Prohibition, According to UN Group

In its new report, the International Narcotics Control Board call on all governments to stick to the drug treaties that have historically prohibited cannabis.

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What Is CBD Oil and Why Do People Take It?

It might be flying off the shelves, but just what is CBD oil?

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Three New Clinics to Prescribe Cannabis to UK Patients

UK patients seeking medical marijuana can be referred to the chain of private centers as early as spring.

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To Increase CBD Levels, You Might Just Need Male and Female Cannabis Plants

New research shows how a simple solvent spray can change the sex of marijuana flowers and help increase cannabinoid levels.

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