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First Congressional Marijuana Vote of 2019 to Consider Banking Bill

Cannabis businesses still struggle to bank their earnings, but can Congress fix that?

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A Guide to Cannabis Extraction Equipment and Machines

From alcohol- to butane-, carbon dioxide- to ice water-based extraction, enjoy Analytical Cannabis' ultimate guide to extraction machines.

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The Best CBD Salves for Pain

Whether using a CBD salve or CBD cream, many swear by the pain-relieving properties of CBD balms. But is there any truth to the claims? And if so, which is the best CBD salve for pain relief?

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Could California Run Out of Legal Cannabis This Summer?

The Golden State may be riding high on the cannabis industry, but its license to grow is about to expire.

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Do Cannabis Strain Names Actually Mean Anything?

There are thousands of available cannabis "strains", but only one cannabis species. So how different can they really be?

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Identifying Unknown Microbiological Contaminants in Cannabis

As things stand, a patchwork of different testing regulations mandate a range of testing requirements across the US, and discussions on the best approach to guaranteeing accurate, reliable results are ongoing.

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CBD Can Curb Methamphetamine Addiction in Rats - Study

High doses of the cannabinoid quelled the rats' need for the famously addictive substance.

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When Cannabis Meets Robotics

The future of the cannabis industry may be highly automated.

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FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Resigns, Leaving Big Questions for CBD Policy

Having served since 2017, Scott Gottlieb will retire from his position as the FDA commissioner, leaving the fate of the CBD supplement industry unsure.

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