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Cannabaceae: Mapping the Cannabis Family Tree

For those curious about the history of this plant, Analytical Cannabis delves into its evolution and taxonomic classification.

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Advances in Cannabis Mass Spectroscopy: A Q&A With Jeffrey Williams

As an analytical chemist, Jeffrey Williams wondered how he might build better tools for the scientific world. His thinking led him to develop the all-in-one analysis machine, the Massbox. Analytical Cannabis caught up with Williams to discuss how these new steps in analytical chemistry might come to shape the cannabis industry.

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How to Grow a New Cannabis Business Amid a Pandemic

The pandemic has changed our lives beyond recognition, but it doesn’t have to spell the end of your cannabis business, writes Hannah Deacon.

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What to Avoid When Setting up a Cannabis Processing Facility

Analytical Cannabis speaks to Kellan Finney of Eighth Revolution to find out how not to set up a cannabis processing facility.

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What Impact Will Covid-19 Have on the UK Cannabinoid Industry?

Professor Mike Barnes looks to the future of the UK's medical cannabis and CBD sectors.

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Marijuana and Memory Loss: What Does the Research Say?

Popular culture has created an enduring trope of the ‘forgetful stoner’ character, one who is mellowed out to the point of confusion and forgetfulness. But are these tropes actually supported by science?

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What is the FDA’s Stance on CBD?

The US government’s stance on cannabis remains clear: it is federally prohibited. But what about its CBD extracts?

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Cannabis and Hemp Extraction: Choosing a Process, Navigating Regulation

Choosing the right cannabis or hemp extraction method can be a complicated decision. To help inform it, Analytical Cannabis spoke to two extractors about what to prioritize.

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How Can Cannabis Labs Help With Covid-19 Testing? A Q&A With Ben Orsburn

Despite being more experienced in testing cannabis than Covid-19, the labs are still kitted with the right equipment and expertise to help make a difference during this pandemic.

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