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Cannabis Could Help Fight Superbugs, Study Suggests

According to a review of existing research published last month, the compounds found in cannabis could provide a new source of antibiotics, but further research is needed to find their full potential in fighting pathogens.

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What Does the European Commission’s Pause on CBD Novel Food Applications Mean for The Industry?

Could the UK establish itself as a safe place for the CBD industry to thrive, in a way that may no longer be possible in the EU?

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Cannabis and Cancer: What Does the Research Say?

Reduced nausea, pain, and tumor growth are benefits that could make cannabis a potential add-on to cancer treatment, but further safety profiling will determine the plant's future role.

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US Cannabis Research Is Still Hindered, So What Regulatory Changes Do Scientists Want to See?

Current federal regulations still tie the hands of many researchers who wish to study the effects of cannabis. So what needs to change?

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Cannabinoid Profiling in the Cannabis Lab

With over 70 known cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, it's important that researchers and testing staff look at more than just the THC content when examining cannabis material. But how exactly do analysts profile and study these dozens of cannabinoids?

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Regulating Heavy Metal Contaminants in Cannabis: What Can be Learned from the Pharmaceutical Industry? Part 5

Discover how analytical testing procedures can often lead to contamination and sources of errors if not adequately addressed.

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Covid-19 and the Cannabis Supply Chain: A Q&A With Vanguard Scientific

With many businesses now experiencing disruption caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Matthew Anderson of Vanguard Scientific tells Analytical Cannabis of his experiences working in the supply chain over the past several months.

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CBD in the UK: Predictions for 2021

For all the excitement, the UK’s CBD industry is actually facing a roadblock, writes Professor Mike Barnes.

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Medicinal Cannabis Access in the UK: What’s the Hold-up?

David Hardstaff of BCL Solicitors LLP discuss the issues surrounding legal access to medical cannabis in the UK, as outlined in a recent in-depth report.

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