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Quantification of THC and CBD in Beverages Containing Nano‑Emulsions

Published: Sep 13, 2021   

There is a demand for a better, more accurate and reproducible methodology to test cannabinoid potency in edibles in order to meet regulatory requirements, which vary greatly depending on country and/or state. Each food type (chocolate, brownies, cookies, candies, beverages, etc) has specific challenges, all directly impacting results, uptime and maintenance of analytical instrumentation.

Manufacturing of water-based beverages will typically require the usage of emulsifiers to keep water-insoluble cannabinoids in solution. The accurate quantification of those cannabinoids in beverages is paramount for legal considerations, for safety reasons and to insure adequate labeling of commercially available products.

Download this app note to learn about a method that can:

  • Remove emulsifiers and oils that can potentially cause instrument downtime
  • Optimize the extraction procedure for improved accuracy and precision
  • Be used for a wide variety of beverages

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