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Optimization of Cannabis Grows Using Fourier Transform Mid- Infrared Spectroscopy

By Brian C. Smith, Ph.D., PerkinElmer, Mark A. Lewis NaPro Research, Judah Mendez Heron’s Head Productions

Published: Apr 27, 2017   

Credit: Plantlady223 Wikimedia Commons

This white paper covers the following key points; 

1. FT-IR can accurately determine THCA and CBDA in dried cannabis flowers, giving a quick, convenient, and portable potency test for recreational and medicinal cannabis cultivars.

2. Seven cannabinoids total have been accurately quantitated in dried cannabis flowers by FT-IR, giving a partial cannabinoid profile that covers the main drivers of cannabis pharmacology.

3. FT-IR has been used to monitor how potency changes with growing time and growing conditions. This knowledge should allow cannabis growing conditions to be optimized

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