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A bag of cannabis buds held by hand.

New Drug Can Treat Cannabis Use Disorder, Researchers Say

Encouraged by these findings, the researchers say that they are currently operating a longer three-month study of the drugs in patients seeking treatment for CUD.

Mice Don’t Gain As Much Weight if Given THC, Study Finds

Cannabis consumers tend to be a little leaner than those who don’t use the drug, and a group of researchers may have just figured out why.

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Liver Injuries Linked to Recalled Colorado Cannabis Edible

The Colorado Department of Revenue said that it had been made aware of “adverse health events” related to 1906 Midnight Drops, a cannabis-infused edible marketed as a sleep aid.

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Three cannabis cigarettes.

This Federally-Funded Study Will Test How Cannabis Affects the Brains of HIV Patients

A group of researchers at Cornell University, New York, have been awarded a $11.6 million grant to study how cannabis affects the brains of HIV patients.

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Two gloves handle cannabis buds with tweezers & the SC Labs logo.

Testing Cannabis for Hop Latent Viroid: In Conversation with SC Labs

To learn more about HLVd and to hear some top tips for how to test crops, Analytical Cannabis caught up with Josh Wurzer, SC Labs’ president and co-founder.

Opinion: Where Germany’s Recreational Cannabis Plan Could Go Next

Michael Sassano, CEO of Somai Pharmaceuticals, takes a look into the future of Germany's cannabis marketplace.

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The Future of Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids and Isomers

Analytical Cannabis spoke with Deepank Utkhede, chief operating officer at the pharmaceutical-grade CBD producer Vantage Hemp, to learn exactly how to turn hemp into an extract.

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LSD paper.

No Differences Between Equivalent Doses of LSD, Mescaline, and Psilocybin, Study Finds

There are no significant differences in the effects of LSD, mescaline, or psilocybin when given at equivalent doses, according to a new study.

Ketamine Treats Pain By Treating Depression, Study Suggests

The study involved over 300 chronic pain patients who received more than one infusion of ketamine over several months. All participants reported pain relief; those with depression experienced “more robust” relief.

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Psilocybin Temporarily Improves Man’s Color Blindness, Report Claims

The report, published in the journal Drug Science, Policy and Law, details the experiences of a 35-year-old man who had been diagnosed with a mild case of red-green color blindness five years earlier.

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