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Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin in Rhode Island

The first legal recreational cannabis products have been sold in Rhode Island.

40% of New York’s Illicit Cannabis Products Contain Contaminants, Report Finds

In a new report published on November 30, local cannabis advocacy groups claim that many of these products are dangerous.

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Positive Media Coverage of Cannabis Trials Could Be Influencing Placebo Effect, Study Claims

Individuals who take a placebo in cannabis-pain trials tend to report roughly the same levels of pain relief as those who receive the active cannabinoid, a new meta-analysis has found.

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X-Rays Can Decontaminate Cannabis While Retaining Terpenes, Study Finds

Cannabis flower can be safely sterilized with low levels of X-ray radiation, according to a new study.

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The Evolution of the European Cannabis Lab

The analytical lab model needs an upgrade to serve the medical cannabis industry, writes QNTM founders Justin Ihnken and Connor Murphy and Agilent's Anthony Macherone.

A Q&A With Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs’ Erik Paulson

Analytical Cannabis caught up with Paulson to learn more about his lab's recent study of hemp-derived THC products.

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Cannabis Holds Promise For Pain Management, Reducing The Need For Opioid Painkillers – A Neurology Expert Explains How

Writing in the Conversation, Benjamin Land, a research associate professor of pharmacology at the University of Washington, explains how cannabis could be used as an opioid substitute.

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Is Ayahuasca Safe? We Ask a Researcher

Dr. Perkins spoke with Technology Networks – the sister publication of Analytical Cannabis – to provide context on the latest research study and the next steps for the research group.

International Regulatory Developments For Key Psychedelics

Stephen Wright breaks down the lengthy process of getting a psychedelic medicine approved in the US.

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Most Ayahuasca Users Vomit, Study Finds

Acute physical health adverse effects were reported by 69.9% of the study's participants.

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