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Cannabis bud held between tweezers.

New York’s Cannabis Regulator Tightens Its Potency Testing Rules

From now on, flower products will have to be tested for potency by cannabis labs – something that wasn’t required before.

Oklahoma Cannabis Regulator Wins Case Against a Fraudulent Cannabis Business

Oklahoma’s cannabis regulator has denied a business application to a company following a judge’s ruling that the business submitted fraudulent ownership information.

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Cannabis Helps Woman to Reduce Medication Use for Nerve Pain, Case Study Reports

The case study follows a 61-year-old woman who was able to significantly reduce the dose of prescription medication she was taking to control her neuropathic pain after being prescribed a THC-containing cannabis oil.

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Cannabis buds in a person's hands.

Colorado Regulator Issues Two New Warnings About Moldy Cannabis Products

State regulators in Colorado have issued two more health and safety notices after “potentially unsafe levels” of total yeast and mold and Aspergillus were found in certain pre-roll cigarettes and batches of cannabis flower.

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An indoor cannabis greenhouse.

Tackling Cannabis Facility Design with Urban-Gro

To learn more about the services that are available to new cultivators setting up shop, Analytical Cannabis spoke with Arie Kamp, managing director at urban-gro Europe, a leading architectural and engineering firm that is already applying its design-build expertise to the cannabis industry.

An Update on Synthetic Cannabinoid Research

Kenneth B. Walsh, a professor of pharmacology, physiology, and neuroscience at the University of South Carolina, updates us on the latest research from the world of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists.

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How Controlling Cannabis Genetics Can Boost Crops

Mark Lewis, president of Napro Research, outlines how genetics can be harnessed to secure the future of cannabis.

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Brain scan.

DMT Dysregulates the Brain, Study Finds

A new study has unveiled how psychedelics achieve their perception-altering effects in the human brain.

Researchers Discover New Mechanism of Psychedelic Action in the Brain

The findings could explain why the effects of psychedelics, such as neuroplasticity and even antidepressant action, vary between different drugs.

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Australia to Permit MDMA and Psilocybin Prescriptions

From July 1, psychiatrists in Australia will be allowed to prescribe MDMA and psilocybin as treatments for certain mental health conditions.

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