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Two hands, one holding a cannabis leaf, the other, pills.

US States With Medical Cannabis Access See Decline in Nonmedical Opioid Prescriptions

Medical cannabis legalization is associated with a decrease in the frequency of nonmedical prescription opioid use, according to a Rutgers study.

Cannabis Consumers Have High Levels of Empathy

In a study, psychological assessments indicated that people who regularly use cannabis tend to have a greater understanding of the emotions of others.

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Mycotoxins in Cannabis Products Are a Threat to Immunocompromised Patients, Say Researchers

Cannabis use, even for medical purposes, could make some people sick due to harmful fungi that contaminate the plants, according to the researchers.

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A2LA Partners With National Industrial Hemp Council of America

The new program is recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, the international organization for accreditation bodies.

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A masked person holding a cannabis leaf over a test tube.

Why the University of Kentucky Set Up a Cannabis Research Facility

Several studies at the center are already underway, and their findings may just help inform the state’s eventual medical cannabis policies. To find out more, Analytical Cannabis spoke to the center’s director, Shanna Babalonis.

Speaking to Both Sides of Oregon’s Cannabis-Aspergillus Testing Debate

One issue has come to divide the state’s legal cannabis industry in recent months: Aspergillus testing. Analytical Cannabis reached out to key figures on both side of the debate to find out why fungi testing has become so fraught.

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Lessons Learned From Connecticut's Cannabis Labs

Analytical Cannabis investigates the cannabis testing sector of Connecticut to understand the challenges analysts face in the state.

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A finger and thumb holds a magic mushroom over more mushrooms resting on electronic scales.

Quality Testing For Psilocybin

How exactly does one test psilocybin? Decades of prohibition have prevented scientists from understanding the deeper chemical nature of psychedelic fungi, so where do the scientists of today start when tasked with analyzing their unique chemicals? Analytical Cannabis asked some of them to find out.

Psilocybin Helps Treat Depression in Phase 2 Trial

The researchers say their findings add to the growing body of evidence that psilocybin can be used in a clinical setting to treat depression.

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Cannabis Use at All-Time-High in US, Finds NIH Survey

Cannabis and hallucinogens are more popular than ever in the US, according to an ongoing National Institutes of Health (NIH) survey.

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